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The Strongest Among Us

A new book with stories from people who never gave up. And pictures from a soldier who never will.

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About The Strongest Among Us

Sometimes the strongest among us are the ones who smile through silent pain, cry behind closed doors, and fight battles nobody knows about.

When Matthew Weston lost his limbs while serving in Afghanistan aged just 20 life for him, as it did for many of our limbless veterans, changed in a myriad of ways.

Matt had previously been an accomplished artist, and, with no longer having the use of a right hand, used his left to pick up a camera. 

Matt’s courage, strength of spirit and fearless determination to find pathways through the tragedies of life, or, as he puts it ‘to just crack on’ is embodied by a great many among us, the ones who cry behind closed doors and fight the battles no one ever knows about.  

The Strongest Among Us is a book about them.  It is an opportunity for them to tell their stories and others, who may be desperate to find their own pathways through the various tragedies and challenges of life, to find strength and inspiration from them.

‘The Strongest Among Us’ is a collection of stories from those who never gave up, with portraits by a soldier who never will.

Now in development as a feature length documentary.

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