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Among Us

Stories of our unknown heroes who never gave up. With portraits from a soldier who never will.

Audio Movies

What is an AudioMovie?

Less costly than a movie, but just as powerful and emotive, AudioMovies are the perfect way for film writers to demonstrate how much potential their work has to come to life as either a published novel or a feature film.

AudioMovies available now and coming soon.

Thin, Brittle, Mile
Age of Descent
The Only

The rise of the AudioMovie is a major part of The World Film Movement and will feature in Fires we’re Starting…

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Finding Writing Talent

For many publishers it is a financial risk to take a chance on a new writer or their novel. Where does this leave the geniuses among us who were born with a talent strong enough to take the world by storm? The World Writers Showcase exists to champion such talent and make sure it doesn’t miss its chance to find success and find its audience. From Stephen King to J.K. Rowling, many of the world’s most famous writers experienced rejection after rejection but persevered to get their work to the world. If you’re just as warrior hearted and know your work is meant for the world too then don’t miss your chance to be part of the first World Writers Showcase and feature in the film ‘Fires we’re Starting…’