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The inaugural World Writers Showcase is happening soon

If you’re a new writer, wondering how you go about setting your first foot in the arena, a veteran, with a thousand rejection slips that have never dented your conviction that you were born with stories inside you that must be shared, or an agent, knowing you have a client, or one of their works that simply must find its way into the world, then the World Writers Showcase could be your answer.

Proud to support our veterans through the Joining Forces Campaign

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Enter your own book to join ours at the first World Writers
Showcase and be part of a revolution for the talented


Love, Obsession, Possession. A supernatural thriller, unlike any other, now a novel and soon to become the first US based fully cast AudioMovie

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There Goes The Child. There Stands the Man. Youth Novel, Film in Development and a new AudioMovie from The World Film Movement.


Everyman’s final journey is always the journey home. Novel, Film in Development and the first AudioMovie from the World Film Movement.

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The World Writers Showcase

Redefining the way books are published and sold. Reopening the pathways for authors everywhere. Creating a revolution for the talented. Be part of the World Writers Showcase and find a deal for your novel, non-fiction work or screenplay. Or, if you’ve had a book inside you aching to be born, now is the time to start writing.
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A World Film Movement

The World Writers Showcase is a central part of the World Film Movement. a new initiative aiming to claim a space in the entertainment industry for those with an exceptional talent.


The inaugural World Writers Showcase will be featured in the documentary covering the birth of the World Film Movement
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